Motor Vehicle Security:

Car theft has been a prime stealing item among the thieves. Car thieves may be either opportunistic or professional. In either case stolen vehicles may be used to commit further offences and be damaged, destroyed or never recovered. It causes severe stress and trauma for the suffering individual and can prove harmful for the state as well because some of the cars are used on terrorist activities. Most car thefts occur in or around private residences, so it is important to take steps to protect your car even when it is parked in a garage, driveway or on a residential street. Cars stealing are done by two types of criminals, opportunists and professionals. Regardless of the nature of the thieves, we need to stop this. What they have in common though is that they can steal a car in less than a minute. We have compiled a checklist for you to use it and prevent your costly vehicles from being stolen.




For the safety of you and your car, we advise you to follow the below checklist. It is advised to never portray and resistance against car thieves as they are considered dangerous and could be armed. Car theft cases can be controlled significantly by implementing the following check guide.

Lock up:


The most important and easy way to prevent your car from being stolen is to keep it locked while driving or parking. Remember the following points in this case:

  • Always lock your car and remember to always physically check if it is locked or not. Lock your cars even when parking at home or just leaving your car for a moment.

  • Close all windows - including sunroof

  • Keep your car locked while driving

Secure your car:


By abiding to the safety and prevention instructions issued by the police department, you can prevent your car from being stolen.

  • Preferably park your car in a locked garage.

  • In case of unavailability of a garage, park off street in your driveway.

  • Try to park in crowded areas to increase the odds of spotting thieves.

  • Install an engine immobiliser and car alarm if they don’t come with the car originally.

  • Steering wheel lock is also very good in case of older vehicles.

  • Install a bonnet lock as well

  • If you own a rare or very expensive vehicle, it might be feasible to install a GPS tracking device.

Key crime-prevention tips:


Always be vigilant while leaving your ca and ensure that basic safety principles are not compromised.

  • lock all doors and close all windows

  • park in a well-lit and secure area

  • secure your keys and never leave them in your car

  • install anti-theft devices and ensure they are working

  • Key security

  • In many cases of car theft, keys have been left in the ignition.

It is always stressed to never leave your keys in your car. Do not put your name and address on any keys. Use a mobile phone number. Keep spare car keys in a secure place at home or at work.

What to do if your Car gets stolen:


As mentioned, most of the cars stealing persons are opportunist so even if your car gets stolen, you can still manage to put the thieves behind the bars and retrieve your car. If your car has been stolen, it is advised to not stress and immediately inform the law enforcement agencies. Remember the important numbers of emergency contact for such cases. You can follow the following points:

  • Report the theft to police or call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency

  • Notify your insurance company immediately



Use the following resources to ensure your motor vehicle is protected and secure at all times. 

Victoria Police - Prevention of Motor Vehicle Information

Victoria Police - Preventing Theft of Motor Vehicle Checklist.pdf

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