Commercial Locksmith Service:

We understand your need to make your hard-earned business secure and therefore offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services to cater to your needs. We work for all businesses, whether small cafes to large corporations. We don’t want your customers leaving just because the door to the warehouse got locked. We are just one call away for letting your business up and running as before.

  • From products such as to custom-designed access control systems, we've got it covered for you.

  • Our uniquely designed access control systems are electronic systems that are connected to a network and only allow recognised, authentic and authorised entry of a person into the premise, ensuring complete protection.

  • We offer commercial safes to prevent theft at purchase points.

  • Our restricted master key system will give you complete control over your business security system and restrict access to areas you do not want to be accessible.

  • We, not only design locks especially suited to your needs but also offer to re-code, repair or update the locks already installed at your premises.

  • We also supply padlock/chains and deadlocks offering more resistance than a spring bolt and restrict entry without the correct key.

  • Our range of products and services also includes window locks which people often ignore and which is a more common way for break-ins than doors.


We know you care for your employees' safety as much as you do and design the best emergency services products such as fire exit doors you could find on the market. The alarm systems we design come with a variety of different options and along with CCTV cameras installation, provide you with safety measures difficult to undermine and strict surveillance without you being present in your office at all times. Our technicians are experienced and capable; they solve your problems and value your money. In certain cases, if possible, they will only replace the old key barrel part of the lock and put in place a new one and avoid changing the whole lock to save you a surprise expense and maintaining the same level of security. Loyalty and caring for our customers is hence, a top priority.

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