Securing Your Business and Commercial Properties:


The corporate sector is very important for a state’s progress so its security cannot be compromised at all. The states give utmost importance to the security of businesses and commercial properties to ensure that this sector plays its part in the state’s well-being without any fear. This section details the advantages of being cautious in the workplace, preventing theft of laptops and other electronic devices, and outlines how environmental design can prevent your business from becoming a victim. The primary factors for business security are as follows.

  • Petrol station drive-offs

  • Business Security Information e-Kit

  • Information and resources

  • Personal safety in the workplace

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

  • Preventing armed robbery

Crime prevention is just as important for business as it is for individuals. 

Petrol station drive-offs:


A standard reporting template has been designed that can be used by service station operators to make a report that ensure better police practice and policy compliance. Service station operators are encouraged to download the form and use them to report petrol drive offs where an immediate or urgent response is not required. The link to the form is attached here, kindly download and use it.

Business Security Information e-Kit:


The Business Security Information e-Kit is specially developed by security experts from various departments to entail all the security aspects of businesses and corporate sector. It has been developed to provide business retailers with basic crime prevention advice to reduce the occurrence and cost of crime to business and the wider community. The information kit is available in downloads section and all of the business partners are encouraged to read it and implement the tips relevant to their business setup.

Information and resources:


Awareness about security and safety can work very well in countering the criminal activities. A lot of posters have been designed for display in licensed venues to spread the essential knowledge about security. Public is attracted to graphics and media, so these posters at key locations will warn them about the criminal activities and also help them to counter any such incident by following the instructions given in the posters. If crimes are reported instantly, a lot of criminals can be punished thus leading to a peaceful society, these posters have contact numbers which you must use in emergency situations.

Personal safety in the workplace:


As the quote goes ‘Safety first is safety always’ so we must practice extreme care at our workplace. We must know our new mates well as they join us because most of the robbery cases are conducted by newly joined workers. This caution at work is not necessarily paranoia or a lack of trust in your colleagues. Getting to know your workmates before revealing personal information is a way of protecting yourself and your possessions. The following tips will help you remove the element of opportunity for crime within the workplace.

  • Don’t share too much information.

  • Identify the unknown visitors.

  • Know what to do in an emergency.

  • Take care while travelling to or from work.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design:


Businesses must take into account security risks while designing their buildings. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is an approach to crime prevention that takes into account the relationship between the physical environment and the users of that environment. We all are involved in this since we can assess dangerous situations better than any surveillance system. The theory behind Crime Prevention through Environmental Design is that the design of a physical environment can produce behavioural effects that will reduce both the incidence and fear of crime. These behavioural effects can be accomplished by reducing the susceptibility of the environment to support criminal behaviour.

Preventing armed robbery:


The majority of armed robberies are not thoroughly planned and a large number are drug or alcohol related making it a potentially dangerous situation. On the other hand, in a planned robbery the robber sometimes goes to great lengths to prepare, and looks over the premises extensively before the event. So the armed robbery can be prevented and countered most of the times by implementing effective strategy. The following points can help us achieve that.

  • Security Planning Beforehand

  • Surveillance and Safety Equipment

  • Staff training

  • Caution while carrying and transporting money

  • Emergency Handling training


Use the following resources to ensure your business is protected and secure at all times. 

Victoria Police - Securing Your Commercial Business

Victoria Police - Business Security Information eKit 2020.pdf

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