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Safety comes first and safety starts with us. We are responsible for our safety more than anybody else. Every one of us has a role to play when it comes to making our homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods safer. We can feel a lot safer just if we keep the safety aspect in our mind whether we are in home or away from home. How we live in homes and how we leave homes determine our safety and increase or decrease the safety hazards like theft etc. Here we talk about a few things that can significantly improve our security level and make us feel much safer.

  • Registering absence from Residence with Local Police

  • Residential Crime Prevention Information Kit

  • Securing your home with proper Locks

  • Ways to prevent Motor Vehicles Theft

  • Crime (Theft / Burglary) Prevention Tips

Taking care of your belongings with implementation of these tips can enormously increase the security level. We have talked about the safety increasing methods briefly in the following lines.


Registering absence from Residence with Local Police:


Do you worry every time when all of the family leaves the home or do you have to force a person to miss an important event just for the sack of security? Well worry no more because registering your absence from your residence assigns the security job to Local Police. You can register your absence from your residence by reporting to the local police station and registering manually.

Residential Crime Prevention Information Kit


The Residential Crime Prevention Information Kit is a useful resource to provide residents with information on home safety and other concerns around the home and neighbourhood. The residents of the states must go through it and implement the procedures mentioned to increase their safety. Safety assessments and other safety related documents are also available for the residents.


Securing your Home with Proper Locks:


Make sure that you lock down your entire home when you leave for a few days or so. Make sure to use high quality locks and related system like the one available at Locksmith Melbourne.

  • It is advised to lock all windows and doors, even when you're at home.

  • Ensure all side doors, rear doors and windows are locked as these are the most common entry points for burglars.

  • Install deadlocks on all external doors and windows and remember to disengage deadlocks when you are inside to allow easy escape in the event of a fire.

  •  If possible, Install a security screen door and lock your mailbox to prevent the theft of mail and personal documents.

  • Lock the garages, sheds, garden tools and ladders. Your gardening equipment and tools might be used by thieves to break in.

Remember to use locks and related locking system from a credible Locksmith service provider like Locksmith Melbourne. They offer lock opening services as well for emergency.


Use the following resources to ensure your home is protected and secure at all times. 

Victoria Police - Securing Your Home and Property 

Victoria Police - Residential Information Kit 2020.pdf

RACV - Everyday Security Tips

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